Interesting! CNN reports today that the internet uses more electricity in America than the auto industry uses to make cars and trucks.

This article takes a look at the just how much power is being used by our internet grid, the growing demand, and an argument for renewal energy:  “This is the largest demand growth in the United States,” said Greenpeace tech analyst Casey Harrell. “Is it going to be connected to old, dirty power, or will it be incentivising renewable energy?”

Google expects to see solid returns on their new foray into energy investments. “The electricity needed to power and cool the millions of servers that make the Internet hum has grown by more than 10% a year for the last decade, Rosenstock said. It now accounts for about 2% of all the electricity consumed in the United States.”

Click above to see an interview with Bill Weihl, head of Google’s Sustainability EFforts, and read the full story here.