About Us

At RFM Financial Solutions, we specialize in establishing solid long-term relationships with our clients. Building your financial future is our business. Whether it means helping you choose the appropriate mix of investments for retirement, building a stock portfolio, or helping to create your estate plan, we are committed to helping you build and preserve assets for generations to come.

A vital aspect of our success is the philosophy that everyone should be able to utilize the advice of a financial professional. Because RFM Financial Solutions, LLC is independent from any specific investment company, we have tremendous flexibility to utilize the financial vehicle that best fits your particular needs and objectives. RFM Financial Solutions, LLC will truly work together with you to build your financial future.

Our Integrity

At RFM Financial Solutions, LLC we don`t want just a client, we want a new friend. We don`t take the high-risk approach of concentrating only on the now. We want to improve your families` quality of life with investment advice based on preserving and creating multi-generational wealth. We want to serve your family, from the eldest to the unborn, through sound financial, tax, and estate planning.

Trust is Vital

As part of Robert F. Murray & Co., CPAs, we’ve been serving the people and businesses of this community for 50 years. As one of the region`s oldest and most respected firms, we have helped our clients make sound financial decisions for estate planning and exit strategies for family-owned businesses. We allow you to focus on what`s most important – your family and business.

Integrity is Important

Having a predominately accounting and finance origin, we’ve come to value the idea that our livelihood is dependent on your faith in the objectivity and quality of our advice. Our interaction with you will reflect our honesty and concern for your interests, not ours.

Accountability is Demanded

We are not selling products, we are offering an ongoing, evolving lifetime process of financial management. Therefore, we insist on accountability of our performance to you. We provide a quarterly report to update you on the performance of your investments.

We understand how you can be overwhelmed with the number of possibilities for investments these days. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, investment information and opportunities abound. But, do you really want to base your family or business` future on a “hot” computer with a shoddy business model, or even an impersonal broker who only calls you when you`ve lost money?

Investment options and choices have exploded in our lives. This doesn’t mean you need to become a financial expert. Let RFM Financial Solutions, LLC serve as a trusted resource for your financial and planning needs. We can make sense of the confusing amounts of data and help you tailor a plan for your needs.

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