Financial Planning

At RFM Financial Solutions, we view Wealth Management as the balanced combination of professional investment management and personalized and ongoing financial planning.

Our team helps clients answer the most important and challenging financial questions in areas such as:


Do you have enough money to last the rest of your life? What level of income could your current assets support in retirement? Is your portfolio in line with your income goals? Can you afford a second home or a remodeling project?

Estate Planning

Are things set up in the most advantageous way for your beneficiaries? What type of Trusts, Wills or other estate planning documents do you need?


Are you paying more taxes than necessary? Could you be reducing taxes by utilizing different retirement plans or investment vehicles?



How much do you need to set aside in order to fund higher

education or specialized training for children and/or grandchildren, and what are the best investment vehicles for that objective?

Risk Transfer

Are you over insured in some areas and under insured in others? What options do you have with existing insurance policies?

Get in touch with us to see how RFM Financial Solutions can help you reach your financial goals.