Though most people think of electronics and toys when it comes to saving big during the holiday season, vacations may have the biggest discounts of all. November is the perfect time of the year to book a winter vacation, especially for families. Let’s look at the best perks of trekking out for a winter trip.

Score a deal

The best argument to be made for winter travel is the attractive pricing thanks to lower demand. Outside of New Year’s festivities, January is the cheapest month of the year for average costs on both hotel rooms and airfare in the U.S. Booking well in advance of a late‐winter trip will help ensure you get a great deal on a getaway. Try to avoid booking during peak times such as the Black Friday shopping weekend or immediately before Christmas, as prices may swell with the influx of online traffic.

Dodge the crowds

Popular vacation destinations that are infamous for large crowds will see significantly smaller numbers during the winter months. Sites such as Disney World in Orlando, Florida or Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California will be much easier to navigate, especially with a family.

Additionally, traveling will be less stressful by avoiding the busy holiday and summer months when schools are on break. Expect shorter wait times at popular restaurants and more breathing room at popular tourist sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.

Catch a break from winter weather

Even though destinations throughout the U.S. will have cooler temperatures, the weather will be a more than welcome warm‐up for those traveling from northern states. You can still expect temperatures in the mid‐sixties in both southern California and Florida. While not exactly pool or beach weather, visiting outdoor attractions will still be comfortable.

Great as a family holiday gift

A winter vacation serves as a great holiday gift idea for the entire family to enjoy. Not only does it help reduce spending on other physical gifts, but also gives the entire family something to look forward