Written by: Jeremy Shafer

Have you ever had a “good” conversation about money with your family?  How about a “bad” one?  If you can answer yes to either question, you’re one step ahead of most Americans.  Money is a difficult subject for many families, perhaps like politics or religion, and so it is pushed aside in favor of lighter fare.  We turn to weather, sports, gossip, etc. to fill the conversational void. 

Discussions about money are not easy or comfortable to initiate.  There are varying views on saving, spending, investing, and debt management within every family.  Financial priorities may be ordered differently.  God forbid loan or business deal between family members went sour.  These are real obstacles, but you don’t have to let them derail you.

In the following series, we will address the upside of money conversations with family.  Here’s a snapshot:

  •      5 Ways to Teach Money Skills to Young Children
  •      5 Ways to Help Adult Children Take Responsibility for Money
  •      5 Solutions for Marriage and Money
  •      5 Critical Discussions to Have with Parents

In this series I hope to encourage you to change the money conversation in your family.

Stay tuned…