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Asset location is a part of the investing strategy that involves deciding which investments to hold in which accounts, and taxes play an important role in this decision. Here are a few basic guidelines.

Hold in Your Tax-Sheltered Accounts: Assets With High Tax Costs. In general, government or corporate bonds and bond funds may be a better fit for tax-sheltered accounts (like IRAs and 401(k)s) than for taxable accounts because their payouts are taxed at an investor’s ordinary income tax rate. If you need to hold bonds in your taxable accounts, a municipal bond or municipal bond fund might offer you a better after-tax yield than a taxable bond investment, because income from munis is exempt of federal income taxes.

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d-iAs an investor, you may ask if an allocation to dividend stocks in your retirement portfolio will help keep up with inflation. Examining stock returns during periods of high inflation may answer this question. Dividend-paying stocks may offer benefits such as stability through income return and inflation protection. While stock prices tend to be volatile, dividends may serve as a stable component of total return and may provide better inflation protection compared with bonds. Between 1974 and 1980 (high inflation period), the average rate of inflation was 9.3%, much higher than the historical rate of 3%. During this time, bonds yielded 7.9% from income, but prices declined by 2.7%, resulting in a total return of 5.6%—way short of inflation. On the contrary, stocks returned a total of 10%: 5.0% from dividend income and 4.8% from price return, outpacing inflation for this time period.