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RFM Financial Solutions, LLC

Our Strategy

Our investment philosophy is one of balance and flexibility. We believe that the use of active management investment strategies is the wisest approach to conserve assets and maximize their growth.  Our investment universe is comprised of more than 3,000 no-load and no transaction fee mutual funds.

Our business is not only the careful crafting of customized diversified investment plans, but also implementing them with efficiency and with sound investment and fiduciary principles.  We design each strategy to achieve an appropriate balance considering the individual risk tolerance, liquidity need, and short and long-term goals of our clients.

Our varying portfolio management services are based on the client`s current needs and are designed to handle the transition of any investment changes when a client`s situation or objectives change as well as when new opportunities arise.

It is an enormous responsibility when a client entrusts us with their retirement assets, their children’s college fund, or their life savings.  We call it “serious money” and we take our responsibility seriously.  Our total dedication and focus is on providing the best money management possible.